Want The Secret To Booking Appointments Without Cold Calls?

"The Million-Dollar Question: How Can Your LinkedIn Profile Earn You an Extra $1,000 to $100,000...

without being salesy or spamming your contacts?"

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Chaya Peltz

Bob Chesney

Gordon Stein

Rob LaCerra

Your network is not just your net worth; it's the scaffold that elevates you to the pinnacle of success.

Robin Merle

Then she produced her magic. I was stunned—it was so simple yet elegant. Not only that, but she’s also helping me figure out how to turn my knowledge into a product. Thank you, Rhonda! You over-deliver for the sheer joy of helping others market themselves.

John Pyke

Without Rhonda's systems, I would not have been able to earn $90,000 at a 2 day event. It was a personal record.

Tina McDermott

I hired Rhonda to upgrade and optimize my LinkedIn profile as well as assist me to generate more leads and referrals in my business. Rhonda has exceeded my expectations and her coaching is spot on. She is a wealth of resources, generous with her time and I am already scheduling appointments with my ideal clients.

Rhonda Has Helped People From All Over The World...

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What's Included?

This Bootcamp Is Next Level...

+ 4 Live Trainings with Rhonda Sher

***Not Pre-Recorded... Live!

Join Rhonda Sher Live on Zoom! for 4 Training sessions as she transfers

her life work to you to ensure your success with every aspect of the

Perfect Your Profile Bootcamp!

Rhonda is going to hold your hand and implement with you in real time

$8,500 value

+ Step-by-Step Online Course

We are all only as good as the results we generate. Rhonda Sher has assembled this

boot camp to personally hold your hand through each move of how to perfect your

LinkedIn profile and generate leads, appointments, and monetize without being

salesy or spamming your contacts. She will explain each move and what you need

to do to MAXIMIZE your success. You will have full access to the library of

trainings, templates, and bonus sessions.

$2,500 value

+ The Bootcamp Workbook For Sucess

This is the key to Perfecting Your Profile and monetizing your LinkedIn Profile. Your Step-by-Step

proven system is easy to follow and will guide you through each move.

Make your network count without spamming or being pushy. Enjoy the freedom of being able to

generate income from your profile with people who are eager to take ownership of your products,

services, and solutions.

Combined with the 5 Live Days on Zoom, this workbook is your roadmap to uncover the key

moves that will turn your profile into money!

$1,200 value

+ Private Accountability Facebook Group

A private Facebook Group, only for this event, where additional coaching, progress assignments, networking, and colaboration will be celebrated. Rhonda keeps a close eye on the actions taken and posted here.

$600 value


+ Bootcamp Bonus Package

Get Rhonda Sher’s entire system of 52 tips to take your profile to the next level.

You will also get Rhonda’s secret app for using AI to write posts and comment on posts.

You will also get Rhonda’s resource for discovering your true personality in 90 seconds or less – which is a groundbreaking practical scientifically-validated personality test to understand yourself better. You will be amazed when you see how accurate this is.

$1,750 value

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Live Bootcamp Ticket

  • 4 Live Trainings with Rhonda Sher

  • Additional Testimonial Acquisition Bonus Training

  • Access to the Step-by-Step Online Course & recordings for 90 days

  • The Bootcamp Workbook For Success

  • Private Facebook Group Support

  • Bootcamp Bonus Package

Instant Access Pass

  • 5 Recorded Trainings with Rhonda Sher

  • Additional Testimonial Aquistion Bonus Training

  • Access to the Step-by-Step Online Course & recordings for 90 days

  • The Bootcamp Workbook For Success

  • Private Facebook Group Support

  • Bootcamp Bonus Package

Live Bootcamp Ticket

$1,875 Now $397

Live Dates Coming In July

Already Recorded Sessions

$1,875 Now $397

Instant Access

Are you ready to start creating clarity, confidence, connections and cold hard cash from LinkedIn? And That’s Just the Beginning...

you will leave this bootcamp knowing how to:

  • Create a LinkedIn profile that establishes you as the only logical choice for your product or services

  • Master a call to action that drives people to book a call with you or sign up for your newsletter or your gift

  • Identify the specific audience that you serve and the result of working with you.

  • Have a LinkedIn profile that converts connections to COLD HARD CASH

Rhonda Sher

Rhonda Sher is a nationally recognized expert in business networking and LinkedIn. She is the author of the international bestselling book Convert Your Connections to Cash and Relationships to Revenue, The Two Minute Networker, The ABC’s of LinkedIn, Get LinkedIn or Get Left Out and How to Avoid the Business Card Pile-Up – 52 Ways to Boost Your Business with Business Cards.

Rhonda is the expert at teaching CEO’s, business owners, sales professionals, speakers, and entrepreneurs how to leverage LinkedIn and convert relationships to revenue.

Rhonda’s natural humor, interactive approach, and 20 years of business experience has brought her into the forefront as a sought-after national keynote speaker and trainer. She teaches powerful, practical techniques and insider secrets to take your Profile to Profit using LinkedIn.

Rhonda is the founder of the Sher Method to Unleashing LinkedIn and has helped thousands of professionals add hundreds of thousands of dollars to their business using her simple system

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